It's hard to leave your beloved pet behind anytime you take a trip. I know, it was hard for me! So I decided to start my own inn, so other pets can feel right at home even if their families aren't!
Your furry family member will be housed in our 4,000 sq foot home on a 1/2 acre lot in Alamo, conveniently located right off the freeway. Tobie, our Bernese Mountain Dog, is a great host, and helps his doggie guests get comfortable with his loving and submissive attention.
Your pet will generally have free run of the house and the grounds and will be closely supervised. We strongly believe that dogs need walks and dedicated play time and will tailor activities accordingly. Like every great inn, our guests are pleasantly surprised by delectable foodie treats throughout their stay.
We strive to create and maintain a balanced, fun environment for our doggy guests so may decline requests depending on prior commitments made.
Given that the guests mingle, we insist that they are current on their vaccinations to ensure a healthy environment.
You will find our rates highly competitive with multiple night discounts and Very Important Pet (VIP) rates for our returning guests.
Please email or call us at 925-899-0130 for more information.

Unfortunately, the owners of the Inn are taking an indefinite break for family reasons and will not be taking any new clients from November 2015 onwards.


  • 1-7 days $60 per night
  • 8 or more days $55 per night
  • VIP Very Important Pet after your 3rd boarding visit
  • VIP 1-7 days $55 per night
  • VIP 8 or more days $50 per night
  • Multiple dogs discount rates and day-care rates upon request

The Inn

The Inn
The Inn

The Grounds

The Grounds
Room to run

The grounds

The grounds
Wading pond for coolin' off!

Taking a dip

Taking a dip

"Yay...Outdoor walk"

"Yay...Outdoor walk"
Complimentary Walks


Las Trampas hike

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Morning hike to Shell Ridge

This morning, we decided to go for an off-leash hike at Shell Ridge open space. Cooper and Dash stormed the big hill while Gene and Tobie covered the rear. The views of the morning fog over the hills and downtown Walnut Creek were spectacular! Back at the ranch, Samantha joined us for an overnighter as her parents are on a date night to watch a concert in San Jose. Great weather for picking vegetables so we all hung around outside in the afternoon while Gene worked on the harvest.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Visit to Hap Magee

Being that Cooper will be with us for awhile, (parents are honeymooning in Africa), we thought he'd enjoy meeting his pals at Hap Magee dog park.We brought Tobie and Dash along for the ride. Tobie was busy meeting people, while Dash jumped into every "tag" game he could get himself into. Cooper stayed busy "howling" and fence chasing the little guys to and from the small dog park. We met up with Mojo there and all were pooped out after 30 minutes. Maggie and Ripley joined us back at the Inn.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day at the Inn

Today, after breakfast, with only 5 dogs, we decided to take a morning walk at Las Trampas trail. It was nice to see Ripley the Rhodesian go into puppy run mode and newcomer Dash the Boxer getting super comfy with the group, going to each one of the pack with his "Wanna play???" proding. Even ol' Shaka our other Rhodie enjoyed the stroll and smells! What can we say about Coop-dog, our Treeing walker coon hound, fully in hunt mode and leading us all. Afternoon, we just bummed around the Inn and stayed cool as the temperatures remained in the high 80's.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cabin Fever

2 weeks of rain can certainly make the troops go anxy. My backyard's a mess so the guests and I have been taking trips to Shell Ridge when we get a break in the rain. If you stay on the main tracks, it really isn't too bad. Tobie and his friends have discovered temporary ponds all over the place, some of them more than chest high for them. Its great fun for the dogs and they actually stay "clean" as the water is clear and recent.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crissy Field - new doggie field trip
Okay, you doggies and your owners, you have just got to go check out Crissy Field in the City. It is awesome. No leashes, beautiful beaches, views of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate! It is AMAZING! It is the latest field trip excursion offered at Cynthia's Canine Inn & Spa. What a great way to beat the heat in the East Bay!

Lily & Jackson

We're Lily & Jackson and we're gorgeous Berners! We are not only boarders at the Inn but we're frequent daycare clients. There's always something going on at the Inn. For starters, there's 8 month old Tobie, who's a great puppy pal for 10 month old Jackson. They romp and play all day long which is great for me, Lily, as I'm a regal 5 1/2 year old dame and too elegant to be associating with those juveniles. I prefer long scenic hikes, squirrel hunting and mall walking at Broadway Plaza. I must say that they do indulge me frequently with these activities at the Inn. I also enjoy couch time with the innkeeper and or her staff and the little tidbits that they serve me from time to time. To keep my figure trim, I usually order the brown rice, ground beef and vegetable. They do quite a nice job here. You'll have to drop by sometime to visit.

Her name is Lola

Like the Barry Manilow song, Copacabana, Lola is the showgirl and Tobie, (not Tony) is her guy. And so it is with Tobie (our Bernese Mountain pup aka Concierge) and Lola (a beautiful miniature cocker spaniel). Tobie is mesmerized by Lola and will not leave her side. They play and wrestle around so much that both have to take short naps throughout the day. But Tobie is not as energetic as Lola so while he's resting, Lola amuses herself enjoys chasing the birds in the backyard, watching the fish swim in the pond and chasing her tennis ball.